We’re not just a private equity firm, we’re founders too.

We’re a cadre of founders and operators with direct experience building and launching businesses at scale.

We give founders & operators and their teams support and latitude.

Applying proven growth levers

From comp models to acquisitions

Providing unparalleled industry access

At every level of the healthcare ecosystem

Leveraging executive talent

With both coaching and people

Shared passion and willingness to work

So we can all make healthcare better

What our founders & Operators say

“As an owner-operated firm, CPF really leans in to solve problems. The wide range of people we have access to from their relationships across the industry is incredible.”

John Klare, Impact Advisors

Our portfolio ranges from regional specialty practices to nationally-recognized technology providers.

The common denominator? Teams committed to improving care.

Strong partnerships are key to better care.

We build relationships with founders who are committed to improving and growing their businesses today—and for years to come.